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Wednesday 24 July 2019

'Sound of Music' star Charmian Carr dies aged 73

Charmian Carr, the actress who played Liesl in the Sound of Music, has died at the age of 73.

Her character in the beloved musical sang one of its most popular songs, 'I am 16 going on 17'.

The news was announced on her official website in a post saying:

"My name is Steve Hughes, and my Company has been managing Charmian Carr's website for many, many years.

"Me and my family are so sad to have to post this message and will miss her dearly... We had the gracious opportunity to stay at Charmian Carr's house several times while we worked on different projects for her. And we traveled to New York with her on another occasion.

"She was such a nice, cheerful person. We always LOVED, The Sound of Music, and still do."

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Carr is survived by her sisters & brothers: Sharon, Darleen, Michael & Brian, her children, her niece Julie, and her four grandchildren: Emma, Derek, William and Tucker.

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