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Snow White 'dream' for Collins


Lily Collins also stars in new film Abduction

Lily Collins also stars in new film Abduction

Lily Collins also stars in new film Abduction

Lily Collins has admitted playing Snow White is a "dream come true".

The Abduction actress stars as the princess in Tarsem Singh's big-screen adaptation of the classic fairytale, alongside Julia Roberts and The Social Network's Armie Hammer.

"It was a complete dream come true. I pinched myself every day. It was crazy and I loved every second," she said.

Snow White marks Lily's first major lead role after being in the supporting cast of The Blind Side and Abduction, where she stars alongside Taylor Lautner and Sigourney Weaver.

"It's a weird thought that you're the character the whole story is about. Being the first on the call sheet is a weird concept. I'm the one who saves the call sheets because I'm never going to be No.1 again," she revealed.

"But just being able to work with people like Julia Roberts and Nathan Lane... being in their presence and being on screen with them is a complete honour."

The 22-year-old is excited about the film's release in 2012.

"You can expect the unexpected. You can expect huge costumes, hair and make-up. Basically, anything you assume a fairytale would be like, it has all those elements but it's not just your typical Snow White. It's been twisted into many cool ways," she revealed.

"I turn out to be a fighter so I've been doing sword fighting. I've had four months of training so I got to kick butt as well... It was really fun."

:: Abduction is in cinemas now.

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