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Friday 15 November 2019

Smith: Tovey calls me 'frog legs'

Sheridan Smith is part of the cast of Tower Block
Sheridan Smith is part of the cast of Tower Block

Sheridan Smith has revealed that Russell Tovey would often tease her when they filmed Tower Block.

The Mrs Biggs star, who is reunited with the Being Human actor in James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson's gritty British action thriller, admitted that he would often set off her laughing fits by giving her funny nicknames.

"Russell cracks us all up - he's like the joker of the pack. Literally, we can't work together ever again because Russell and I are like the terrible two," she said.

"Russell is just so naughty and he takes the mickey out of me. He calls me 'frog's legs' because I have little bendy legs. He makes me feel not like an action hero! He brings me back down to earth, but he's great fun."

The 31-year-old added: "We were constantly giggling and we've been told off a couple of times actually. Ronnie would be like, 'Come on guys, this is a serious film. Stop it'."

Sheridan said that the cast, including Jack O'Connell and Ralph Brown, would often have a laugh in between scenes to lighten the atmosphere on the tense thriller.

"The story is so serious and tragic so when the directors say 'Cut', we have a real good giggle. We're all a bit naughty, but we all get on so well and it's such a great bunch to work with," she said.

:: Tower Block opens in cinemas on September 21.

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