Wednesday 11 December 2019

Simon Pegg's epic sci fi pub crawl

Simon Pegg says his new film will be about an epic pub crawl
Simon Pegg says his new film will be about an epic pub crawl

Simon Pegg has revealed his new film The World's End will be an epic pub crawl with a science fiction twist.

The Star Trek star and friends Edgar Wright and Nick Frost are working on their third film in a trilogy of horror comedies, preceded by Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Simon told Empire magazine the film is "a crawl through twelve pubs, culminating in the final one, which is The World's End."

Edgar added: "This is as much about where you grew up as the people you grew up with... it's also very silly. I would say it's darker, more personal and more silly. It's a sci fi comedy."

The film from the Spaced creators will follow Gary King, played by Simon, and four childhood friends, including Nick Frost as friend Andy Knight, on a pub crawl set in a disastrous situation, possibly an apocalypse.

Edgar hinted: "It's social science fiction. Look it up on Wikipedia and then bone up on John Christopher and John Wyndham."

John Christopher wrote a series of young adult novels, The Tripods, about aliens who ruled a post-apocalyptic world, while Wyndham wrote The Day Of The Triffids, also set in a post-apocalyptic world where alien beings cause chaos.

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