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Sex scenes embarrassing for Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she didn't have a body double for the raunchy scenes in her new film The Boy Next Door.

The 45-year-old actress, who plays a divorced teacher being terrorised by an obsessed neighbour in the thriller, was happy to bare almost all as she got up close and personal with co-star Ryan Guzman. The revealing scene shows J-Lo stripping down to her underwear, before Ryan seduces her.

"It was all me," the entertainer told E! News. "And all Ryan, by the way."

But despite her big-screen experience, Jennifer admitted shooting those scenes weren't easy.

"It was intense," she said. "Those scenes are embarrassing. They are uncomfortable, but your job as an actress or an actor is to make it believable and this movie in particular... hinges on if that was believable, that it was enough to make this guy go insane."

Ryan, who gets naked on screen for the first time, said Jennifer reassured him before they started filming.

"She was the one who kept me at ease. She talked me down," he recalled. "She said, 'We're going to do this [and] we're going to do that. Everything is going to be fun. You're going to have fun.' It was."

The 27-year-old former model, who starred in the fourth and fifth Step Up films, admitted they had an unexpected "giggle fest" in bed.

"I looked at her and I think she started busting up laughing and then I started busting up laughing because she was laughing," he remembered. "Finally, director Rob Cohen was like after five minutes, 'Guys, let's get back to work'."

The Boy Next Door will open in UK cinemas on February 27.

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