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Sex addict Fassbender favourite to win top Venice prize

Irish actor Michael Fassbender is tipped to win the best actor award at the Venice Film Festival thanks to his portrayal of a New York sexaholic.

The 34-year-old Co Kerry actor's role in British director Steve McQueen's new film 'Shame' is the talk of the festival.

Fassbender plays Brandon, a handsome Manhattan executive whose sex life goes out of control after his younger sister (played by Carey Mulligan) moves in with him.

Fassbender is often naked in the film, which features graphic sex scenes, and has acknowledged a certain discomfort at appearing in such scenes.

"Just have to jump into it," he said. "The most important thing, I suppose, is just make sure that everybody involved is comfortable, and just sort of go for it so you don't have to do too many takes."

'Shame' is the second time Fassbender has worked with McQueen. He played hunger striker Bobby Sands in McQueen's 2008 debut film 'Hunger' and credits that role with changng his life.

Fassbender also stars as Mr Rochester in the upcoming 'Jane Eyre'.