Saturday 7 December 2019

Sandler: I believe in my movies

Adam Sandler has enjoyed experimenting with indie movies this year
Adam Sandler has enjoyed experimenting with indie movies this year

Adam Sandler has said he believes in his movies and he will continue to try to make people laugh because he loves doing it.

The Wedding Singer star has had a string of comedy flops in recent years - with films like Jack And Jill, Grown Ups 2 and Blended, which he produced as well as starred in, being panned by critics.

Adam appears in two indie films The Cobbler and Men, Women And Children which he has been promoting at the Toronto International Film Festival, but he insisted this change for him doesn't mean he's turning his back on the goofball comedies he is famous for.

Speaking at the premiere of The Cobbler, he said: "My movies that I make, I really do love making them, I believe in them, I have an amazing time with my friends making them and I do like trying to make people laugh. But when opportunities like this come around, it's neat. It's fun to do different stuff."

He added: "It was a neat year. I shot The Cobbler in New York, I shot Men Women And Children in Texas - kind of hit and run stuff. And my family was around and to get to have my family life still and get to do some different kind of stuff, I really enjoyed it."

In The Cobbler, which has an all-star cast including Dustin Hoffman, Steven Buscemi and Ellen Barkin, Adam plays a shoe repairer who discovers that when he puts on the shoes of his customers he can step into their lives.

He joked: "The beautiful thing was any time I slipped on shoes the other actors had to do all the work, all I had to do was pop them on and then I sat back and watched Dustin [Hoffman] and [Steve] Buscemi and Cliff [Samara] and everybody do their thing."

The film was co-written and directed by Thomas McCarthy, whose previous films include The Visitor and Win Win.

Adam said: "The director Tom is just a great guy. His other movies are fantastic, and just the fact that Tom and Paul (Sado) wrote this movie and had me in mind... It's just exciting to be around these creative smart guys."

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