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Ruth and Jaime for net thriller


Ruth Wilson will star in the internet-themed thriller

Ruth Wilson will star in the internet-themed thriller

Ruth Wilson will star in the internet-themed thriller

Jane Eyre star Ruth Wilson is set to join Jaime Winstone in an internet revenge thriller called uwantme2killhim.

The film, which will also star Skins actor Jack O'Connell, is based on the true story of 16-year-old Mark whose online relationship with Rachel (Jaime) ends when she is murdered, so he joins forces with her brother to avenge her death.

Director Andrew Douglas said: "For teenagers today, the internet is their portal, their escape; it is their drug. It is is the dark woods of fairy tales."

He continued: "This is a story about relationships as much as it is about technology. While the internet is a key factor in this story, it will become transparent, and the film will be a gritty, sexy, violent thriller seen through the eyes of those boys, Mark and John."

The film, written by Mike Walden and based on Judy Bachrach's Vanity Fair feature about the true events which took place in Britain in 2003, will be filmed on location in Harlow, Essex and Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire in July.

Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer is producing the project, which co-stars Olly Alexander, of Gulliver's Travels and Bright Star, as Rachel's loner brother John.

Bryan said: "When I first optioned Judy Bachrach's Vanity Fair article back in 2005, I was fascinated by this almost unbelievable real-life story and excited by the opportunity to produce an intimate, timely thriller.

"As the internet continues to permeate the everyday lives of teenagers, this movie explores what happens when the lines between fantasy and reality become dangerously blurred. I feel that Andrew Douglas' take on this story makes a powerful commentary on the complexities of teen friendship and alienation in the digital age."

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