Friday 13 December 2019

Russell's scenes with Walker bros

Kurt Russell stars in the latest Fast And Furious film
Kurt Russell stars in the latest Fast And Furious film

Kurt Russell has confirmed he completed his final two scenes in the latest Fast And Furious film without the late Paul Walker.

Russell had a day left of shooting when Walker died in a car crash in November last year outside of Los Angeles.

In an interview this week, the 63-year-old actor said he returned to work on the two scenes left to do with Walker about two months ago. He said he filmed the scenes with Walker's two brothers Caleb and Cody.

The Fast team was "trying to work the best magic they can to make Fast And Furious 7 complete," Russell said, but did not say whether his scenes had been rewritten.

Russell signed on to the seventh film in the franchise to play the father of Vin Diesel's character Dominic Toretto. Acknowledging that Walker's death left the filmmakers in a "tough spot", Russell said the brothers had a great relationship with the Fast And Furious people and Diesel had been "really working it hard". The film is to premiere in April 2015.

Russell spoke while promoting the new Netflix documentary, produced by his nephews, about his father Bing's minor-league baseball team, The Battered B******s of Baseball.

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