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Monday 23 October 2017

Russell Brand resurrects Arthur

He may be somewhat of a persona non grata at the BBC these days, but Russell Brand's star continues to rise in the US. In the past two years the hard-living comedian has appeared in several well-received Hollywood comedies including Forgetting Sarah Marshall and this year's summer hit Get him to the Greek, and is currently engaged to American pop diva Katy Petty. Now he's reviving an eccentric 80s comedy that was a huge hit for one of Brand's British Tinseltown predecessors.

In 1982, Dudley Moore briefly became an A-list star on the back of his hilarious turn as a drunken multimillionaire in Arthur. The film made everyone a lot of money but proved something of a bird of ill omen: its director, Steve Gordon, was dead within a year, and Moore's film career promptly entered a steady decline. Now Brand is reviving the character, with Helen Mirren taking on the role of Arthur's long-suffering butler that was so brilliantly played by John Gielgud in the original film. Shooting has already begun in New York, and apparently Arthur is as permanently sloshed as ever.

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