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Wednesday 17 July 2019

Robbie won't stand in Leo's shadow

Margot Robbie stars in The Wolf Of Wall Street
Margot Robbie stars in The Wolf Of Wall Street

Margot Robbie has spoken about how she shocked Leonardo DiCaprio by asking him to stop blocking her light during filming.

The Australian actress stars as Leo's on-screen wife in The Wolf Of Wall Street and admitted she had had to pull him up on casting a shadow over her face on set.

She said: "Everyone made it sound like it was a really horrible interaction - it wasn't, it was just a really funny moment where [the crew] were trying to figure out how to get a shadow off my face and I knew that it was being created by his head, so I just moved it out of my light."

Asked if she thought it was the first time in a while that had happened to the Great Gatsby star, Margot said: "I think it was, because he was so incredulous. He said, 'did you just move me out of your light?' I was like, 'well yeah, you're putting a shadow on my face'."

But the former Neighbours actress admitted she wasn't always full of confidence on set with the star.

Despite her many nude scenes in the film, she said being naked wasn't the biggest challenge: "For me, the biggest challenge was walking onto such a huge set, such a fast-paced, chaotic set with arguably the biggest director and biggest actor of our generation, and playing a character that has the biggest personality and all the confidence in the world, when you feel like you have no confidence at all.

"You feel this big amongst those people, but you have to act like you rule the room that you walk into."

She said of her character, Naomi Lapaglia: "I loved her, she's a tough cookie, she's a bad a**, so it was really fun, but it's very hard to feel that utter conviction in yourself, that was a massive challenge."

The Wolf Of Wall Street is released on January 17.

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