Monday 23 September 2019

Rob Lowe bought stepmother edible underwear for Christmas

The made the unfortunate purchase as a child.

Rob Lowe has revealed a regrettable Christmas purchase. (Ian West/PA)
Rob Lowe has revealed a regrettable Christmas purchase. (Ian West/PA)

By Craig Simpson, Press Association

Rob Lowe made a terrible error as a child and bought his new stepmother edible underwear for Christmas.

The Hollywood star said he made the regrettable purchase when he first had to buy presents for his family.

An eight-year-old Lowe thought the strawberry-flavoured underwear he bought would make an ideal gift for his new relative.

Speaking to Jonathan Ross, the actor said: “When I was eight years old I learnt to be careful what you buy.

“My father had remarried. A new stepmother – it was that first moment as a kid where you actually go out and you’re going to buy like an adult, you’re going to buy Christmas presents.

“I bought her what I thought was great, they were edible panties. As an eight-year-old, I’m thinking: ‘these are amazing, you can eat them and they’re strawberry, she is going to love these’.”

The full interview with Lowe can be viewed on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday at 9pm on ITV.

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