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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Review: Final Destination 5 ***

(16, general release) HHHII

Paul Whitington

The fifth installment in the cheerfully sadistic Final Destination horror franchise does not waste any time in getting down to business. Within minutes of the opening credits, a busload of co-workers find themselves stranded in the middle of a collapsing suspension bridge, and in the rush to escape they all die in spectacularly horrible ways: one is beheaded by a flying sheet of corrugated iron, another impaled on the mast of a passing yacht and so on.

But just as he is about to die himself, Sam, our story's hero, comes to and realises it was all a vision. He is on a bridge in a bus with his co-workers, but the accident hasn't happened yet, and before the bridge collapses he and seven others manage to escape.

As fans of this franchise will know, Death takes a dim view of such heroics. When people are supposed to die they should have the good manners to do so and, as Sam and his friends try to get on with their lives, strange things begin to happen.

Death is out for his pound of flesh, and the survivors begin to snuff it in increasingly baroque and unlikely ways. In other words, Final Destination 5's plot is identical to those of Final Destinations 1, 2, 3 and 4, but strangely enough this doesn't make it any less enjoyable. There's a twisted wit to the choreography of the death scenes, and for once 3D suits the subject perfectly -- after this, I can never go back to two-dimensional impaling.

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