Saturday 25 January 2020

Renner: 'Honour' to play McQueen

Jeremy Renner would love to play Steve McQueen
Jeremy Renner would love to play Steve McQueen

Jeremy Renner has revealed it would be an "honour" if he could play iconic US actor Steve McQueen.

The Oscar-nominated star is looking to star in a forthcoming biopic, which he is also "developing" and would be written by James Gray.

"I'm already imagining it to be almost impossible. But I'd love to take on the challenge. It'd be an honour," he told The Playlist.

"A script came around and they asked maybe if I wanted to look at it and potentially maybe play him. I thought it's interesting... I've seen probably like three of his movies. But then as it came around and I started to study him more and realised wow, what a dichotomy of a human being," he added.

Jeremy - who next stars in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol alongside Tom Cruise - hopes the as-yet-untitled film, which is still in early stages, would get inside Steve's head.

"He's really, really interesting, outside of what most know him as the King of Cool or the coolest human being that ever lived or whatever it is. But he was also the most insecure guy that ever lived, and all these other things that undercut what we know him as," he explained.

"That was really interesting to me. I'd rather have [his career] be the backdrop of his life. I think an inside sort of look into his life as a human being could be fascinating, so that's what we're exploring."

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