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Reel Life: Neil Jordan's latest Byzantium

Neil Jordan's latest, Byzantium, a vampire flick starring Saoirse Ronan, Gemma Arterton, Jonny Lee Miller and Sam Riley, will get its Irish premiere at the IFI in Dublin on April 28.

Jordan will be in attendance to take part in a post-screening Q&A, and there will be a wine reception afterwards too. Tickets are on sale now at www.ifi.ie

Q The outdoor film festival will once again be running in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar every Thursday evening from April 25 to May 30 (tickets are free and available now).

The line-up this year includes Pixar's Up, Back to the Future, Cinema Paradiso, Goodfellas, Citizen Kane and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. See templebar.ie or meetinghousesquare.ie.

Q Hollywood studios are so keen to find the next licence-to-print-money cinema franchise like Harry Potter or Twilight that they are now optioning books with that kind of potential – before the books have even been published.

The Right Hand by Derek Haas is one such tome that has already attracted pre-publication interest. Universal has acquired the rights for "a small seven figure sum" for the tale of a deep-undercover spy sent to track down a missing American operative who was captured in the Russian countryside.

Another is Brilliance, by Marcus Sakey, an X-Men-sounding story set in an alternate world, in which 1pc of kids are born savants – known as "brilliants". The plot follows an agent hunting a savant terrorist who intends to provoke civil war.

Q Speaking of writers, Reel Life had to fight back a sob last week reading about Scott Lew who penned the script for a film called Sexy Evil Genius – despite being in a wheelchair without the ability to speak or move.

Lew was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease in 2004, rendering him a mute pentaplegic (he can't move his four limbs, neck or head). He's also forced to breathe with a ventilator and communicates with the help of an assistant.

Any budding writers out there still procrastinating about starting that screenplay or novel – you really don't have any excuse, do you?

Q Finally, it wouldn't be the Reel Life column without the weekly mention of Jurassic Park, which, you might have heard me mention before, is getting a 3D re-release in August to mark its 20th anniversary.

It's already out in the US, and so there are reams of articles and retrospectives available online right now analysing the movie and its impact on the film industry, particularly in relation to visual effects.

But reading one such piece, Reel Life came across this sad tidbit. Actor Greg Burson, who provided the voice for the Mr DNA character in the short animated movie shown in the film, met a tragic end as he spiraled into what his IMDb profile calls "acute alcoholism".

The profile continues: "His career was finished when he was arrested by detectives in May of 2004 after barricading himself inside his Los Angeles home for six hours before surrendering.

"Initial reports claim that a SWAT team had responded to a call from two of his female roommates that he was inebriated, armed and holding a third female roommate hostage.

"It was reported that he had been depressed over losing voice over work."

Burson died in 2008 of complications from diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

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