Tuesday 21 January 2020

Ramirez: Point Break is 'privilege'

Edgar Ramirez will play Bodhi in the Point Break remake
Edgar Ramirez will play Bodhi in the Point Break remake

Edgar Ramirez has revealed that he doesn't feel pressure with his Point Break film role.

The Venezuelan actor is stepping into Patrick Swayze's shoes to play surfing bank robber Bodhi in the remake, alongside Luke Bracey as rookie FBI agent Johnny Utah, the character previously portrayed by Keanu Reeves.

"I'm very excited. I don't necessarily feel pressure, I don't want to put it in those terms. What I feel is it's a privilege," he said.

"There's an amazing and beautiful legacy from the first movie and I just want to have fun and try to have my own experience with it. That is one of my favourite movies, I mean, I was pretty much influenced by it, and I couldn't be happier to go on this adventure."

Ericson Core will direct the reboot, which will be written by Kurt Wimmer.

Edgar continued: " The spirit of anti-system, the subversion, the rebellion, that's what we're trying to keep up and tell the story that is updated, and that is more sophisticated because it is to our current times, and that is taken on a global scale. So I'm very happy."

The 44-year-old actor next stars in horror thriller Deliver Us From Evil, where he plays Spanish priest Mendoza who finds himself involved in an exorcism.

He joked he has remembered his all-important lines: " I know my prayers and my rituals in Latin. Those are not going to go away. They're great tools to have, so in case of need, I know my exorcist prayers."

Edgar added: "I was really drawn to the complexity of the character... He was so ordinary. He's got demons of his own that he has to deal with every day, just like anyone else."

:: Deliver Us From Evil is in cinemas on August 22.

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