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Sunday 19 January 2020

Rafe Spall: My dad is my teacher

Rafe Spall said his dad Timothy still inspired him
Rafe Spall said his dad Timothy still inspired him

Rafe Spall has admitted it was nerve-racking following his father Timothy Spall into acting, and said his dad was still his teacher.

The Hot Fuzz Star attended the First Light Awards 2012 to present the Best Drama award to Laura Kavanagh and young people from North Lincolnshire's Children's Services for their film Broken Sleep.

Rafe said it was his dad - known for playing Wormtail in Harry Potter - who inspired him to become an actor.

He laughed: "Well my dad's a famous actor, so I've asked myself the question of whether I want to be an actor without my dad being who he is. But I'll never be able to answer that.

"But he was my teacher and he remains to be that to this day."

The actor, who has also starred in Pete vs Life and One Day, added: "And he has taught me to do your work, it doesn't come for free, and to enjoy it because it's meant to be fun. If you do a play it's called a play, innit?

"And that's how I feel about it. It's a lovely way to spend your life and he reminds me of that every day."

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