Monday 14 October 2019

Radcliffe's obsession with death

Daniel Radcliffe says he had a death obsession in his teens
Daniel Radcliffe says he had a death obsession in his teens

Daniel Radcliffe has confessed he had a phase in his teens when he was obsessed with death.

The Harry Potter star plays the haunted Arthur Kipps in a new film adaptation of The Woman In Black, and revealed to Empire magazine he has long had a fascination with the story's central theme.

Daniel said: "I'm going to make myself sound very odd now. But when I was younger, about 14 or 15, there was a period of about six months where the last thing I did every night before I went to bed was read through the entire 'Last Words' section of the Book Of Quotations.

"I had a kind of fascination with death... I've lost a couple of friends and one relative - my grandmother, on my dad's side.

"Nothing that I've felt comes close to what it feels like, I imagine, for a young man to lose his wife. But I have a pretty active imagination..."

The 22-year-old former child star admitted he had struggled to portray emotion as a young actor, but he felt he was getting the hang of it now.

He said: "The emotional stuff is the trickiest, absolutely. And that's why I feel I made some strides in this film because actually, for the first time, I felt able to really allow my own emotions to come out through the character.

"I know it sounds bizarre to say this now, but it was a fairly new experience for me, for whatever reason. I think I had a sense of it on the last Potter, but not before then."

:: The February issue of Empire magazine is on sale now.

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