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Sunday 8 December 2019

Quinto: Hitman role is complicated

Hannah Ware and Zachary Quinto helped promote Hitman: Agent 47 at Comic-Con
Hannah Ware and Zachary Quinto helped promote Hitman: Agent 47 at Comic-Con

Zachary Quinto has teased his character in new movie Hitman: Agent 47 is more "complicated" than he sounds.

The Star Trek star plays mysterious character John Smith in the big screen adaptation of the video game series, which premiered its first trailer at Comic-Con.

Zachary promised: "The character is more complicated than the name."

Footage from the video game adaption co-starring Homeland's Rupert Friend as a genetically engineered assassin was unveiled at the pop-culture convention.

Rupert wasn't present to show off the trailer because he's shooting the next season of Homeland in South Africa, but his Agent 47 co-stars Hannah Ware and Zachary Quinto were on hand for the San Diego debut.

American Horror Story star Zachary said: " It's great to be here, I'm always glad when I can come down and share the projects that I'm doing with the fans that are here and love the stuff that we're all doing."

Speaking about the trailer for the film, which is due out next year, he said: "We saw bits and pieces in Berlin and Singapore when we were shooting it, but to actually see it put together like that is epic."

The fast-paced preview began with Agent 47 creatively escaping from handcuffs in an interrogation room. Other scenes included a slick car chase sequence involving masses of rope darts, and a glimpse at a scantily clad Hannah Ware dipping into a rooftop pool.

Zachary was keeping mum about details of his character.

Timothy Olyphant first portrayed the bar-coded Agent 47 in a 2007 film adaptation of the popular game.

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