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Monday 18 November 2019

Punch: I'm no good at weddings

Lucy Punch says she's not cut out to be a Reverend
Lucy Punch says she's not cut out to be a Reverend

Lucy Punch has revealed that her debut as a Reverend was littered with disasters.

The Wedding Video actress admitted that she is not cut out to conduct weddings after her first experience for her friends failed to go smoothly.

"I thought, 'Why the hell did they ask me to do that?' To this day, I don't know. I would call it a disastrous experience and I was the most irresponsible reverend," she recalled.

"The wedding was in France, and I got on the wrong Eurostar train on the way there - I woke up in Belgium, thinking I was in Paris. Then I lost the service I had written 20 minutes before the ceremony in this French chateau, and got one of their wedding rings stuck on my finger.

"I managed to smooth it over, but I don't think it is my natural calling," she quipped.

Lucy - who plays bride-to-be Saskia in the wedding comedy alongside Rufus Hound and Robert Mitchell - insisted that her big-screen experiences have put her off having a big wedding.

"If I ever get married, I don't think I would like to do the traditional big wedding. I would do something more casual because it doesn't seem fun or relaxing to me," she said.

"I understand for a lot of girls, they want to have their special day and get their hair and make-up done. But that sounds like work to me, and that's like my job if I'm going to a premiere or getting ready to do a scene. All that fanfare seems like a lot of work and all too familiar to my day job."

:: The Wedding Video opens in cinemas on August 17.

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