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Saturday 18 January 2020

'Potter' star is the highest-paid actress in Hollywood

Vicky Shaw in Los Angeles

Teenage 'Harry Potter' actress Emma Watson has been named Hollywood's highest-paid female star.

Watson (19), who plays Hermione Granger in the series, is thought to have raked in £20m (€23m) last year -- more than actresses like Cameron Diaz, who was the only other woman in the overall top 20.

The list was compiled by 'Vanity Fair' magazine and saw Watson come 14th overall.

Watson's 'Harry Potter' co-star Daniel Radcliffe was placed sixth, with his 2009 earnings put at more than £25m (€29m).

'Transformers' film maker Michael Bay topped the survey, with his income thought to be more than £78m (€90).

Hollywood's top 20 earners: Michael Bay $125m (€92m); Steven Spielberg $85m (€62m); Roland Emmerich $70m (€51m); James Cameron $50m (€37m); Todd Phillips $44m (€32m); Daniel Radcliffe $41m (€30m); Ben Stiller $40m (€29m); Tom Hanks $36m (€26.4); JJ Abrams $36m (€26.4); Jerry Bruckheimer $35.5 (€26m); Tyler Perry $32.5m (€24m) Adam Sandler $31.5m (€23.2m); Denzel Washington $31m (€23.1m); Emma Watson $30m (€23m); Rupert Grint $30m (€23m); Owen Wilson $29m (€21m); Nicolas Cage $28m (€20.6m); Russell Crowe $28m (€20.6m); Cameron Diaz $27m (€19.8m); Brian Grazer/ Ron Howard $25.5m (€18.7m).

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