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Portrait of king of rock pictures

anton corbijn: inside out

(Club, Light House, 85 minutes)

Director: Klaartje Quirijns Stars: Anton Corbijn, Bono, Martin Gore


For more than 30 years, Dutch snapper Anton Corbijn has been the photographer of choice for rock's royalty. Since shooting to fame with his stark black and white portraits in the NME in the early 1980s, Corbijn became a celebrated rock photographer, and in recent years branched out into cinema, with George Clooney's The American and his impressive Joy Division biopic, Control.

This slow-moving but insightful documentary from Dutch filmmaker Klaartje Quirijns examines the unique personal circumstances that made Corbijn the artist he is. It makes sense, for instance, given the sombre nature of his work, when one discovers he was born the son of a protestant minister and grew up in the shadow of austere reform churches.

As a teenager, he became obsessed with rock music and photography, and combined the two when he began photographing Dutch musician Herman Brood in the 1970s.

He moved to London in the late '70s and won acclaim for his moody portraits of Joy Division, David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux and others. His photos for U2's Joshua Tree provided one of the most iconic album covers ever.

In Quirijns' film, Corbijn emerges as an industrious but rather solitary man, who travels constantly, has never settled and feels he has "lagged behind" as a human being.

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