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Plan B: Making film got dangerous


Plan B had local protection during filming

Plan B had local protection during filming

Plan B had local protection during filming

Plan B has revealed how he nearly got his "head kicked in" while making his first full-length feature film.

The rapper and soul singer, whose real name is Ben Drew, took to the streets of London to make an urban musical drama called Ill Manors.

"We were shooting outside Manor Park Tube station when one of my actors accidentally bumped into a local kid. He told me to get off his street," he told the Independent.

"I tried to explain that I was just trying to tell a story about how I used to live and how he is living now."

The 27-year-old, who is nominated for three Brit awards, said another gang of local youths turned up and offered the film crew protection.

"We had security for the rest of the day. That's the positive thing," he added.

The film - due for release later this year - stars Four Lions actor Riz Ahmed as a kind-hearted drug dealer, and actress Natalie Press as an Eastern European prostitute.

Plan B is hoping the film will help explain why people turn to the criminal underworld.

"The whole point of my film is to show that, yes, these despicable crimes happen - they are largely because of ignorant, messed-up people who come from poor areas - but there is a reason for every crime that gets committed," he added.

"There are some people who just make mistakes because they are misled. That's the character Riz plays as Aaron. You are in an environment where you are told you can't have a heart."

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