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Pegg loved hanging out in his pants


Simon Pegg enjoyed slobbing out for his latest role

Simon Pegg enjoyed slobbing out for his latest role

Simon Pegg enjoyed slobbing out for his latest role

Simon Pegg has revealed how he loved being able to let himself go for his latest film role as a slovenly writer.

The British actor, best known in recent years for his appearances in blockbuster franchises such as Mission Impossible and Star Trek, rang the changes with surreal comedy horror A Fantastic Fear Of Everything, which marks the directorial debut of Kula Shaker's Crispian Mills.

Simon plays children's author Jack, who has become so paranoid researching a new Victorian crime novel that he can barely leave the house.

The Hot Fuzz star spends much of the film looking unkempt and dishevelled, wearing very little other than a pair of dirty Y-fronts.

"It was joyous," he exclaimed. "I can't think of a better way to spend a day than just in your pants and get paid for it. It was brilliant. And utterly comfortable.

"By the time everyone had seen me once, it became a very common thing to just see me walking around... naked... and just sitting in a deck chair with my legs sprawled!"

Simon had to abandon all personal grooming to play the hairy, maniacal creature in the film. "I grew my nails out and I grew my facial hair out and I did a lot of yoga so that I lost a lot of weight," he revealed.

And yet he managed to make such a horrifying appearance amusing. "One of the great things about Simon Pegg is you can relate to him," said director Mills. "He's a real everyman.

"I think that's a pretty magical quality. It's just a gift he's got. That's why he's a movie star."

:: A Fantastic Fear Of Everything is released in cinemas on Friday June 8.

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