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Nicholas Hoult feared fire hazard wigs on The Favourite set

The actor plays the heavily-wigged Robert Harley in the period comedy.


Nicholas Hoult (PA)

Nicholas Hoult (PA)

Nicholas Hoult (PA)

Nicholas Hoult has admitted he was terrified his wig would catch on fire while filming his new movie The Favourite.

The X-Men star wears a towering white curly wig as politician Robert Harley in the black Regency comedy, set in the court of Queen Anne.

He told the Press Association: “They weren’t too hot but they were more of a fire hazard because in the film they use natural light of candlelight and there were a lot of open flames and highly hair sprayed and permed wigs for me.

“It was a dangerous job but someone has got to do it.”

Hoult stars in the film alongside Olivia Colman, who is Oscar-tipped for her role as the queen, as well as Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz, and he admitted that the wigs were not the only hazardous part of filming.

Discussing a scene where he shoves Stone into a ditch, he said: “I did give her a pretty good push on the rehearsal and she went flying.

“In your head you imagine the scene and the physicality of something and so I was like, ‘This is how I push her’, so I pushed her and she went flying! She’s only a little thing. But she was OK, don’t worry.”

The Favourite is in UK cinemas now.

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