Friday 22 November 2019

Nero to star as an older Django

Franco Nero will reprise his role as Django
Franco Nero will reprise his role as Django

Django is set to get yet another spin-off with Django Lives, a later set tale that stars the original actor Franco Nero.

The Italian actor, 71, who played Django first in 1966, has said he's started work on the new film which is set in 1915 when his character is a much older man, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Django will be presented as a real-life cowboy acting as a consultant on the Wild West to film studios, in the same way that Wyatt Erp and Buffalo Bill Cody used to do.

Although the original film has inspired more than two dozen spin-offs, Franco has appeared in just three of the projects - the first film, 1987's Django Strikes Again and Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained where he had a small cameo role opposite Jamie Foxx's Django.

Franco, married to Vanessa Redgrave, has made nearly 200 films in his 50-year career which include Die Hard 2 and voicing a character in Cars 2.

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