Monday 18 November 2019

Naomi Watts confronted water fear

Naomi Watts had to get over her own water fears to film The Impossible
Naomi Watts had to get over her own water fears to film The Impossible

Naomi Watts has revealed she confronted her own fear of water to film scenes for tsunami movie The Impossible.

The 44-year-old actress stars with Ewan McGregor and rising star Tom Holland in the true story of Maria Belon and her family, who were holidaying in Thailand in 2004 when the Indian Ocean tsunami struck.

Naomi has a fear of water from a terrible experience when she nearly drowned as a teenager, but put it aside to film in a water tank.

She said: "That brought up some memories, obviously nothing to the size of what this family went through.

"But a fear of water remains with me and I don't like waves at all - I'm happy in a glass ocean. Being in the water tank was with no question the hardest physical work I've ever done on a film.

"I thought King Kong was as physical as I could ever handle, but I ended up doing this and it was definitely tough on your body."

Naomi, a mother of two, confessed she found it impossible to imagine what she would do in the same situation..

She said: "You try to imagine it, but you never know. I am sure I would fail at every moment because I'm horrible in a crisis, but I'm talking about mini crises, so one of this size I don't know. But I think what's the interesting thing about seeing a film like this is it does raise all those questions of how would you deal [with it], and the horror of facing that."

::The Impossible opens in cinemas in the UK on January 1, 2013.

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