Sunday 17 November 2019

My dad named me after an elf in 'Lord of the Rings'

On the 10th anniversary of the epic trilogy, Deirdre Reynolds meets some hardcore fans

It's been 10 years since the magic of Middle-earth burst to life on the big screen in director Peter Jackson's epic take on Tolkien's legendary Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But from Hobbit-themed holidays to One Ring-inspired musicals, Elvish still hasn't left the building.

With a noble battle between good and evil, heart-stopping scenery, its own language, romance and even bromance, LOTR became an instant classic upon its cinematic release in 2001 -- sweeping up at the box office and Oscars alike.

And never mind Mount Doom, tonight Ireland's Middle-earthians are bound for the Screen Cinema in Dublin to be mesmerised all over again at a 10th anniversary screening of The Fellowship of the Ring.

"The Lord of the Rings is really the perfect fantasy film," says Anna Taylor, programme manager of the Screen cinema.

"It's got all the archetypal elements that make a story great. We have a suggestions box in the lobby and movie-goers consistently ask us to screen it -- the 10th anniversary of its release was the perfect excuse."

Meanwhile, hype is building ahead of Jackson's two-part adaptation of LOTR prequel The Hobbit, starring Saoirse Ronan, which is currently in production in New Zealand.

Showing all three movies over the coming Wednesdays, the Screen's return to Arda should at least stave off the DTs among Tolkienites here.

"Often when we show classic blockbusters, we get die-hard fans queuing around the block, cheering at the opening credits and quoting famous lines from the film in unison," adds Anna.

"I expect to see that tonight. The Greatest Story Ever Told usually refers to the bible -- but it could just as easily describe Lord of the Rings!"

A 10th anniversary screening of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring takes place in the Screen Cinema, D'Olier St, tonight at 7.30pm. See

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