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Murray: New movie shows FDR the man


Bill Murray plays Franklin D Roosevelt in a new film

Bill Murray plays Franklin D Roosevelt in a new film

Bill Murray plays Franklin D Roosevelt in a new film

Bill Murray has revealed his new film Hyde Park On Hudson shows the man behind the politician in former US president Franklin D Roosevelt.

The film, shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, tells the story of the love affair between FDR, played by Bill, and his distant cousin Margaret Stuckley.

Bill said: "I think it's an intimate story about his relationship with his cousin but I think you'll get to see a little bit maybe how we see this guy, how he operated, the way he was with people."

Roosevelt suffered from polio and was wheelchair-bound.

Laura Linney who plays Margaret said: "I think the one thing that might hit people deeper than they realise was just how intense his paralysis was. This was a man who every day dealt with an issue that was much greater than anybody knew about, and psychologically, what that had to be in addition to being the leader of the free world, I think that will give people pause."

The Love Actually star revealed she read old letters and visited Margaret's New York home as part of her research.

Bill said of his background work: "There's footage and there's sound recordings of him, so you can definitely get an approximation of what his formal public speaking voice was like.

But the difference was this was a very intimate film, that takes place in his home and on his own turf, so he's not trying to rile up or excite a crowd, he's trying to deal with the people around him and that's a very different take on a person.

"You also do a lot of reading and study who he was as a politician, as a man, his history. Not his favourite colours or anything like that. You try and get as much as you can in until you feel stuffed and then you just let it go."

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