Friday 18 October 2019

VIDEO: The Movie Show - George Byrne and Aoife Kelly review horror 'Annabelle' and Belfast-set thriller '71'

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The Conjuring was one of the biggest films of last year in terms of payback on budget so it's hardly surprising the creepy doll that featured in the plot, Annabelle, has nabbed her own flick.

According to George, the film build suspense effectively for the first hour, much like The Conjuring did, but says it runs out steam thereafer, confusing genuine shocks with simply stunning the audience.

Annabelle is produced by James Wan who directed the Saw franchise and The Conjuring.  However, the cinematographer on those films, John R Leonetti, takes the reins on Annabelle. 

Whilst it's a perfectly serviceable addition to the genre, George says it fails to offer anything new and instead references far superior films, like Rosemary's Baby, throughout.

Also up for review this week is '71' a rip-roaring thriller set in Belfast in 1971.  A young British squaddie finds himself stranded in a Catholic area of Belfast where he fights for his life over a period of 24 hours.

The film is almost unbearably tense at times and boasts excellent performances across the board, particularly from Jack O'Connell in the lead role (who George flags as the Next Big Thing) but also Martin McCann, Love/Hate's Charlie Murphy, Killian Scott, and Barry Keoghan, as well as Richard Dormer and David Wilmot.

Despite being set during the time of the Troubles, it's not a political film as such.  Directed by Yann Demange, whose TV credits include Top Boy and Dead Set, it's a 'man behind enemy lines' thriller, and gets a huge thumbs up from both George and Aoife.

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