Monday 19 August 2019

Transit review: 'A stark, unsettling film, with Kafkaesque overtones'

4 stars

Paul Whitington

Paul Whitington

One of the standout features at this year’s Dublin Film Festival, Christian Bertold’s Transit brilliantly reimagines Anne Seghers’ 1942 novel about the Nazi occupation of France by giving it an eerily contemporary setting.

When a great but ailing writer is forced to flee Paris to avoid capture, an aimless young man called Georg (Frank Rogozski) agrees to accompany him to Marseilles.

The writer dies, and Georg assumes his identity in order to use his transit papers to flee occupied France.

But when he arrives in the southern French city, Georg becomes totally besotted with the man’s beautiful widow (Paula Beer).

A stark, unsettling film, with Kafkaesque overtones.

(12A, 101mins)

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