Wednesday 26 June 2019

The Mule review: 'A return to form for Clint Eastwood'

Clint Eastwood in The Mule
Clint Eastwood in The Mule
Paul Whitington

Paul Whitington

Clint Eastwood is 88, but still knocks out a film every year or so. Of late, they’ve been pretty ordinary, but The Mule marks something of a return to form.

He plays Earl Stone, a gardener who’s fallen on hard times when a man offers him some easy “driving” work.

It turns out to be drug-smuggling for a Mexican cartel, and though Earl feigns ignorance at first, he surely knows what’s going on.

Earl is a complex character, an easy-going charmer who was a terrible husband and father — failings he only now acknowledges.

All of Eastwood’s better films examine the state of America’s soul, and this diagnosis is not encouraging.

(Cert 15A, 116 mins)

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