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The Movie Show movie reviews: Still Alice, Kill the Messenger, and Appropriate Behaviour

The Independent's resident film guru Paul Whitington chats to Entertainment Editor about this week's releases including Still Alice, Kill the Messenger, and Appropriate Behaviour.

Julianne Moore bagged the Best Actress Oscar for her role in Still Alice, and according to Paul the entire film is hinged on that powerhouse performances.

She plays a linguistics professor who lives an affluent life with her husband (Alec Baldwin) and daughters (Kristen Stewart and Kate Bosworth) until, at the age of 50, she's diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.

It's a tough watch, obviously, but worth catching for Moore's performance, backed up a strong supporting cast, particularly Stewart. 

Kill the Messenger is a good, solid thriller based on the real story of Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner) who stumbled across information which indicated the CIA was aware of drug dealers smuggling cocaine into the US and using the profits to arm rebels in Nicaragua.

Renner is well cast in the everyman role as the journalist who stood by his story even when it was being pulled apart and he had had been abandoned by his newspaper.  It's a story that was overlooked at the time, thanks in the main to the Monica Lewinsky-related furore at the White House.

Appropriate Behaviour is a smaller indie film about an Iranian American girl who falls for another girl, a definite no-no in her family.  It's crammed with Girls-style musings and will appeal to anyone who's a fan of that series.

Check out the full reviews above.  Neill Blomkamp's Chappie is also releasing this week and Independent.ie spoke to stars Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver as well as Blomkamp himself about the flick and various other tidbits!  Check them out:

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