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The Movie Show movie reviews: Far from the Madding Crowd, Unfriended, Get Up and Go

The Independent film critic Paul Whitington and Ross O'Neill of FilmFixx join Entertainment Editor Aoife Kelly to chat this week's big releases - Far from the Madding Crowd, Unfriended, and Get Up and Go.

The big screen adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel stars Carey Mulligan as Bathsheba, a woman in Victorian England who becomes independently wealthy and draws three potential suitors - a sheep farmer (Matthias Shoenaerts), a wealthy older bachelor (Michael Sheen) and a classic bad boy (Tom Sturridge).

While the film certainly looks beautiful and will no doubt fill a rather large Poldark-shaped hole in many people's lives, Paul feels the casting let's it down. 

Belgian actor Schoenaerts and particularly Michael Sheen are excellent in their roles.  However, for Paul Carey Mulligan doesn't quite fit the bill in a role which is supposed to be occupied by somebody so stunningly beautiful it caused them serious issues in life.

Sturridge, also, is too slight to carry the weight of his role as a rambunctious bad boy.  The dodgy moustache, unfortunately, does not help.  That said, however, it is beautifully shot and a boasts a compelling plot.

Get Up and Go stars former Love/Hate actors Peter Coonan and Killian Scott as two friends who, over the course of one day, have their friendship tested. 

Coonan's character finds out his girlfriend is pregnant which prompts him to plan a permanent trip to London to see if he can make it as a musician.  Killian's character, meanwhile, wants to be a stand-up comedian, but he's not very good.

Directed by Brendan Grant it boasts a witty script and is filmed across Dublin, portraying the city in a modern, funky light.  It falls at the final furlong, however, with a conclusion that doesn't quite hit the heights of the rest of the movie.

Finally, Unfriended may look like it follows a well-worn path in the trailer, but both Ross and Paul would advise viewers not to be fooled. 

It's a clever horror which plays out entirely through a computer screen, which can be annoying at times, but which also allows the audience into the minds of each of the characters as you see them type their messages, and re-type them, before they send.

Definitely worth a watch.

Check out the full reviews above.  All three movies out May 1.

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