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The Film Show: 'Sex Tape' and 'Before I Go to Sleep' reviewed by Paul Whitington and Doug Whelan

The Independent's Paul Whitington and Insider Magazine's Doug Whelan review bawdy comedy 'Sex Tape' and psychological drama 'Before I go to Sleep'.

Sex Tape, a comedy about a couple who decide to relight their sexual fire by making a sex tape, which then accidentally goes viral, sounds hilarious, but Paul Whitington says it's anything but.

Not even the combined charm of Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel can manage to salvage it.  Segel, in particular is badly miscast as a sexual demon, and both actors are a little too old to be swanning around campus as teenagers in the early scenes.

Allegations of rampant product placement are also well-founded it seems with Apple featuring prominently.  As Doug points out, it's a little strange that people surrounded by technology from iPhones to iPads are so clueless about how to use them.

Before I Go to Sleep has more to offer with Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong offering a solid trio at the centre of this psychological thriller drama.

Kidman plays a woman who suffers from a form of amnesia which sees her wake every morning with no idea who the man is in bed with her.  It's her husband Ben (Colin Firth) who explains she had an accident that resulted in her memory loss.

She's also seeing a psychiatrist, Dr Nash (Strong) who tells her about a hidden camera she has been using to keep a video diary.  As she starts watching her recordings she becomes suspicious about both their motivations.

However, for all it's Hitchcockian nods, it lacks the sophistication of true Hitchcock.

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