Friday 18 October 2019

Stuber review: A spry and likeable take on the classic buddy-cop classic

3 stars


Tanya Sweeney

A spry and likeable take on the classic buddy-cop classic, Stuber kicks off in time-honoured fashion when cop Vic (Dave Bautista) loses his partner Sara (Karen Gillen) in a shootout.

Hell-bent on avenging her death, Vic picks up an Uber to help ferry him across LA on an extended misadventure across town.

The driver of said Uber is Stu (Kumali Nanjiani), an average guy who simply wants to raise some extra cash and not let his driver rating fall below four stars.

A zingy script is brought to life by Nanjiani, arguably the comedic backbone of the whole movie.

Pratfall follows cliché, which follows car chase, which follows fight scene. We’ve seen it all before of course, but Nanjiani makes this parade of clichés more watchable than you might think.

(15A, Fox, 93 mins)

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