Saturday 21 September 2019

Out of Innocence: An education for anyone unfamiliar with the Kerry Babies scandal

3 stars

Out of Innocence
Out of Innocence
Paul Whitington

Paul Whitington

Made a few years back but only getting a release now, Danny Hiller’s Out of Innocence commendably grasps the nettle by taking on the Kerry Babies scandal.

When Gardai discover a dead baby with stab wounds on a beach near Cahersiveen, a genius called Detective Callaghan (Alun Armstrong) is called down from Dublin to investigate.

His suspicions soon fall on an Abbeydorney girl called Sarah Flynn (Fionnuala Flaherty), who is unmarried and recently gave birth.

He’s wrong of course, and the extended Hayes family are about to endure an extended nightmare.

Out of Innocence is a rather stilted film dramatically, sometimes clumsily written, but it’s an education for anyone unfamiliar with this depressing case, and a window into a happily vanished Ireland.

(15A, 110mins)

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