Monday 22 July 2019

Movie Show Movie Reviews: Will Smith's flop 'Focus', creepy horror 'It Follows', and the laughable 'The Boy Next Door'

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

The Herald's resident film guru George Byrne is in studio to review this week's big releases - Focus, It Follows, and The Boy Next Door.

Will Smith has been laying low, his most recent outing as a supporting actor in his son Jaden's movie, After Earth, and Focus marks something of a comeback for the Hollywood star.

That is, he's back and in a lead role, but according to George it's not quite the comeback he probably would have wanted.

He and Margot Robbie (who shot to fame in The Wolf of Wall Street) play a pair of hustlers who, George points out, aren't easy characters to relate to or get behind because they're not particularly nice, robbing the rings from unsuspecting elderly people's fingers etc.

The film is written and directed by the duo behind I Love You, Philip Morris and Crazy, Stupid Love, both excellent films which manage to balance wit with heart.  No such luck here, however.

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It Follows, by contrast, is a cut above.  It's a horror, surprise, surprise, about a girl who has a strange sexual encounter and begins to fear she's being followed by something otherworldly.  So far, so standard, but George reckons it's the best horror since the Babadook last year, and that was excellent.

The Boy Next Door, the latest offering from Jennifer Lopez, is the quite the opposite.  Of the three movies it gets the greatest ribbing from George who, like many fans on social media, find it hilarious that one character gives a 'first edition' of the 3,000 year old Iliad to another (one that's written in English). 

As for plot it's basically Fatal Attraction in reverse.  Check out the full reviews above...

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