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Metal Heart review: Slight but charming directorial debut

3 stars


Metal Heart

Metal Heart

Metal Heart

Jordanne Jones, Moe Dunford and Leah McNamara head the cast of Hugh O’Conor’s slight but charming directorial debut, a coming-of-age comedy set in suburban Dublin.

Emma (Jones) has always been in awe of older, prettier and formidably organised sister Chantal (McNamara), and things come to a head when their parents go on holiday and a handsome musician (Dunford) moves in next door.

Dan is a bit of a rake, and Emma is drawn to him, but Chantal sees disaster looming, and is right.

Metal Heart starts a bit stiffly, and is overwritten at times, but gets into its stride thanks to its cheerful undercurrents and a winning cast.


(15A, 88mins)

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