Wednesday 21 August 2019

Horrible Histories: The Movie review - 'It’s broad stuff, but thoroughly winning'

3 stars

Horrible Histories: The Movie
Horrible Histories: The Movie
Paul Whitington

Paul Whitington

Making history ‘fun’ sounds like a ghastly endeavour but since 2009 the BBC’s Horrible Histories TV series has been doing just that, using jokey dramatisations to draw kids into exploring the mysteries of the past.

There’s more than a touch of Carry on Cleo to this movie spin-off set in Britain during the Roman emperor Nero’s rule.

When a skinny legionnaire arrives on these rainy isles, he’s captured by Celts and goes native.

An amusing cast includes Rupert Graves, Lee Mack, Nick Front and Kim Catrall, giving it socks as Nero’s mother, and Derek Jacobi hammily reprises the role of Claudius.

It’s broad stuff, but thoroughly winning.

(PG, 92mins)

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