Sunday 15 December 2019

DVD Reviews: Need for Speed and Under the Skin

Aaron Paul in Need for Speed
Aaron Paul in Need for Speed

Need for Speed 12A

Films based on video games are usually bleak acts of cynical merchandising and though, technically, this racing extravaganza is no different, it's actually, despite all expectations, not that bad at all.

A nonsensical car-fetishist's wet dream, the flimsy premise is carried by likeably posh Imogen Poots and Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul - in agonising emotional form - despite the disappointing combined dead weight of Dominic Cooper and Michael Keaton, who, perhaps understandably, just don't seem to be taking it seriously.




Washing over you like a gentle, terrifying nightmare, Jonathan Glazer's art-house sci-fi horror film is fascinating and uncomfortable to watch. Juxtaposing realistic hidden-camera footage shot on the streets of Glasgow with visually striking seduction sequences, the sparse script is brutal in its cruelty and cleverness, haunted by the claustrophobic score lurking with menace in the background.

Elevated by Scarlett Johansson's excellent performance, the film is breathless and tense. It doesn't shoot as high as it aims, but it's unlike almost anything else.


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