Wednesday 21 August 2019

Dora and The Lost City of Gold review: 'Good fun, and nicely done'

3 stars

Dora and the Lost City of Gold
Dora and the Lost City of Gold
Paul Whitington

Paul Whitington

Anyone who’s had a child in the last 20 years will be familiar with Dora, an irritatingly perky seven-year-old cartoon girl who embarks on jungle adventures accompanied by a monkey, a sentient backpack and a talking map.

This live action spin-off borrows heavily from Indiana Jones and has the good sense not to take itself too seriously.

Isabela Moner is Dora, whose relentless optimism makes her a figure of fun at the Californian high school she’s sent to.

But her friends realise just how special Dora is when they’re whisked off to Peru in search of her parents, and a legendary city of gold.

It’s good fun, and nicely done.

(PG, 102mins)

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