Tuesday 22 October 2019

Brightburn review: 'The promise of the first hour is squandered in a messy, gory climax'

3 stars

Paul Whitington

Paul Whitington

What if Superman was a bad seed?

That’s the mildly subversive premise of this stylishly made horror film directed by David Yarovesky and written by Mark and Brian Gunn.

Childless couple Tori (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle (David Denham) have given up hope of conceiving when a strange vessel crashlands on their farm.

Inside is a tiny infant they decide to raise as their own. But Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) is an alien, and when he reaches puberty terrifying powers are unleashed.

Storm clouds lower as Brandon’s mood darkens, and the twinning of teenage strops and superpowers is an interesting premise.

But the promise of Brightburn’s first hour is squandered in a messy, gory climax. 

(16, 90 mins)

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