Wednesday 13 November 2019

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Sorry we missed you (15A, 101mins) ★★★★★

Sorry We Missed You
Sorry We Missed You

Ken Loach and Paul Laverty's 14th feature finds them taking on the dirty world of zero hours contracts.

Ricky (Kris Hitchen) is delighted when he lands a job as a parcel delivery driver. "You're your own boss now," his boss tells him, "you're not an employee." Turns out being your own boss means working like a dog and getting punished if you take time off, an untenable situation that plays havoc with Ricky's family life, especially as his wife is a carer saddled with similar conditions. Sorry We Missed You is a forensic indictment of laissez-faire capitalism. People used to give out about unions: might be time for a comeback.

Brittany Runs A Marathon (15A, 104 mins) ★★★★

Paul Downs Colaizzo's charming low-budget film provides the perfect vehicle for Jillian Bell's formidable comic talents. She is Brittany, a hard-partying 28-year-old who's struggling to make her mark in Manhattan. When she goes to the doctor to try and score a prescription for the drug Adderall, he tells her she's obese, has high blood pressure and should clean up her act. With appropriate dread, Brittany takes up jogging, finds new friends and makes a pact to run the New York Marathon. Bell's Brittany is a loveable, believable everywoman, who slowly realises that you can't laugh your way out of everything.

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