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VIDEO: “Do you trust me?” Jamie Dornan muses in latest Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer


The newest trailer for 2015’s most anticipated cinema release is the steamiest yet.

The latest steamy trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey has proven that co-stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have worked out the issues surrounding their reported lack of chemistry.

The co-stars have appeared in yet another trailer for 2015’s most anticipated film where even more glimpses of the on-screen couple’s sexual escapades are on show.

With Beyonce’s Haunted playing as a backdrop, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) declares: “ I don’t do romance. My tastes are very singular.”

A montage featuring various encounters ensues, including the elevator snippet that has viewers already hot and bothered.

More visuals of Christian having his way with Anastasia are also largely featured in the short trailer, with bold writing reminding viewers that “love isn’t always black or white.”

In the final moments of the trailer, Christian is seen slipping a blindfold over Anastasia’s eyes and asking her one of the most important questions of the series.

“Do you trust me?” he asks.

Meanwhile, the co-stars Dakota and Jamie said filming the compromising scenes was anything but fun.

"We got ourselves into situations that don't feel too natural and are not that easy," Dornan has said.

"You need to have the trust there."

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Dakota Johnson agreed wholly with Jamie: "It's not like a romantic situation. It's more, like, technical and choreographed.  It's like more of a task."

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