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The Inbetweeners: Stock up on your box sets - it's definitely over


The Inbetweeners have declared their disbanding is as momentous as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas have become best known as awkward teenagers Will, Jay, Neil and Simon.

 The TV series ended in 2010 but a movie followed a year later and a sequel hit screens this August. Now the boys have declared their last interview as a group, joking the occasion really deserves marking.

“There’s no third film. This is genuinely our last interview ever. Ever, ever, ever," Simon insisted to British newspaper The Sun.

Joe added: “We should take a moment - it’s like the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

As their alter egos, the group portrayed the ups and downs of four adolescents who had trouble speaking to girls and generally managing social situations. In real life, they are aged between 27 and 31 - and James is even married with two kids.

“Physically, unfortunately, we’re ageing. The body clock is ticking," he admitted.

 Simon added: “It had to end at some point.”

The latest film went down well with fans and scored some rave reviews. Loyal Inbetweeners followers will be saddened by the news that this is the end - but none so much as the actors themselves.

“We’ll never have another job like this," Joe sighed.

“We’re all a bit similar in temperament - and we’re all a bit weird. I feel very content in the company of these three and that is quite a beautiful thing.

“In a way, that is why it’s sad.”

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Blake concurred: “Just the amount of time we’ve spent together and got to know each other... it’s over seven years we’ve been doing this. You get to know each other very well.”

Joe jokingly added they'll start a book club to ensure regular meet-ups.

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