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'The filming kind of got in the way' - the Inbetweeners talk filming sequel in Oz

The stars of hit series The Inbetweeners reveal they treated filming the sequel to their hit film as a "holiday".

James Buckley has revealed he took his wife and kids on location to Australia with him while he filmed the sequel.

The 26-year-old actor - who has two sons Harrison, two, and Jude, 11 months with ex-model wife Clair Meek - reunited with co-stars Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas Down Under for the sequel to their box office smash hit movie.

James, who plays jack-the-lad Jay, told The Daily Mirror: "The family came out for a couple of weeks but then I had to work. But it wasn't a problem. Actually, my wife was quite pleased that I was out of the house and doing something, I think.

"I was out from under her feet... I get the feeling that she wants me to go back there for a sequel."

The first film saw the teenagers go to Malia in Crete for their last holiday before university. The Inbetweeners 2 follows them to Sydney, where Jay is living with his uncle, for a gap-year adventure.

Joe, 30, who plays awkward Simon, said: "It was an amazing trip. We did kind of treat it as a holiday, especially at the beginning. They were very generous with jet-lag recovery time when we got out there.

"So, for the first week we were just on the beach. Right at the end we filmed for about a week in the town of Marree in South Australia which is really totally isolated.

"What was nice as well was there was no mobile reception, no internet. It was a bit like being in the past. So people went to the pub and hung out with each other and played darts and talked and it was really nice. It was a lovely week.

"The filming itself kind of got in the way a little bit. In Marree we didn't really have much time off and, to be fair, there wasn't a huge amount to do there.

"But it just felt like a lot of fun to actually be all in the bar with everyone."

And filming in the Outback introduced the lads to a new type of cuisine - kangaroo.

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James revealed: "If they didn't have kangaroo meat in the freezer, they'd go out and shoot and then that would be food for the next couple of weeks or whatever, however much they can get out of kangaroo.

"So now I love kangaroo. It was good having teriyaki kangaroo at a Japanese restaurant there. It was nice."

The Inbetweeners 2 releases on August 6

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