Sunday 25 March 2018

Star Wars 'fan' places Force Awakens spoiler on back of car and ignites the wrath of everyone

Rebecca Hawkes

Sometimes – especially when you’re in a job that requires quite a lot of online writing about major film releases – it’s difficult to judge exactly what constitutes “a spoiler”.

There are always people who prefer to know nothing at all about a movie before seeing it, and will passively-aggressively thank you for “ruining” even the smallest details. (“The Revenant has a bear in it? Star Wars is set in space? Captain America is going to show up Civil War? Great: there’s no point even seeing it now.”)

But, then, sometimes, there are pieces of information so significant – twists, endings, and major revelations – that absolutely everyone knows they constitute spoilers.

For the most part, audiences tend to be quite good about not divulging these crucial plot points to future viewers.

But, in flagrant disregard of general film etiquette, one “fan” has apparently decided to place perhaps the biggest spoiler of all from Star Wars: The Force Awakens on his or her car, and drive around for all to see.

The image (which we have not included as we don't want to spoil it for anyone) was posted on Twitter by a user named “Eric Von Finkleberry” (If you want to see it check out @FINK_BOMB) and spotted on Tuesday by CinemaBlend, who promptly labelled the driver “a douchebag”.

Of course, it's very likely that the picture was mocked up, either by the person posting it, in a sort of devious troll-within-a-troll way (everyone that retweets it is effectively sharing the spoiler), or by someone else.

Either way, it’s certainly causing outrage online: while some people find the image (and the "trolling" implications) funny, others have been quick to complain about seeing it.


It's true that the majority of those hoping to see The Force Awakens will have made it to the cinema by now, but the film only came out a month ago – and there are definitely quite a lot of people still looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.

Accidentally revealing the ending of, say, The Sixth Sense, or Fight Club, or Seven, might not exactly endear you to people who have never seen the films – but would be somewhat understandable, given the amount of time that has elapsed since they came out.

But deliberately ruining a film still in cinemas, just for the sheer hell of it? That’s not very nice at all.

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