Tuesday 25 June 2019

Sony hack: Angelina Jolie branded 'seriously out of her mind' in leaked email

Sony hack: The actress was criticised in an exchange between Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal

Antonia Molloy

Angelina Jolie  was branded “seriously out of her mind” in a further embarrassing leaked email.

The leaked email between Sony Pictures co-chairperson Amy Pascal and movie producer Scott Rudin reveals Mr Rudin once again harshly criticising Angelina Jolie.

In the exchange, published by Gawker, Mr Rudin describes the actress as “seriously out of her mind” as tension mounts over Jolie’s planned film ‘Cleopatra’, for which Eric Roth produced a script.

Previously hacked emails have shown that Jolie apparently wanted David Flincher to direct the film, but at the time he was attached to the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic – the troubled movie originally intended for Sony Pictures but now moved to Universal Pictures.

As it became clear that Fincher would be unavailable, Rudin and Pascal began to suggest alternative directors to Jolie – with limited success. In one email Rudin expresses his exasperation at the sequence of events, writing: “Kill me please. Immediately.”

The email thread alsoshows Mr Rudin and Ms Pascal attempting to convince Jolie to insteadbase the film on Shakespeare’s play ‘Antony and Cleopatra’, thereby making it a love story.

Having joined the exchange at this point, Jolie replies: “I think making it a love story could undermine the female leadership and epic that we have built (…)

“I think we need a good script editor to work with Eric. He’s open or will do with me. He knows we need to make it shorter to not be as intimidating. And I think we continue to discuss with great directors.”

After this, Mr Rudin sent a private email to Ms Pascal stating,

“She’s seriously out of her mind.” Ms Pascal suggests the trio should meet in person but Mr Rudin responds: “Nooooooo noooooo noooooo please! Not a meeting!” It is another embarrassment for Sony Pictures in a cyber-attack that has had far more serious implications. US intelligence officials have reportedly concluded that North Korea is behind the leaks, which are believed to have been a response to the Hollywood studio’s comedy film The Interview, which depicts the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. (© Independent News Service)

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