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Sherlock Holmes film far from elementary for Netflix


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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate is suing Netflix, claiming a new film which shows the "human" side of Sherlock Holmes is an infringement of copyright.

'Enola Holmes' stars Millie Bobby Brown, the British actress, as the detective's gifted younger sister. It is due for release in September, with Henry Cavill as Sherlock and Helena Bonham Carter as his mother.

The estate, run by members of the Conan Doyle family, argues any portrayal of Holmes as a man of warmth and emotion is taken from the last 10 stories, published between 1923 and 1927 - a period covered by US copyright. All earlier stories are in the public domain.

In a US court filing, the estate said Conan Doyle was profoundly affected by losing his brother and son in WWI. As a result, he created "significant new character traits" for Holmes and Watson.

The Netflix film is adapted from 'The Enola Holmes Mysteries', a series of children's books by Nancy Springer. She created the Enola character, but the books include Holmes and Watson. The estate is also suing Ms Springer and her publishers, and is requesting a jury trial and unspecified damages.

The estate consists of eight people. Most are his relations by marriage or blood.

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